A Letter from the Chairman

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to inform you that our institution is marching ahead to offer the best medical services to the deserving people of Kutch. We had a remarkable achievement of receiving a Presidential Award for the service to the disabled. Jaya Rehab Institution has been extending outstanding help for paraplegic & Disabled people of all age groups. Our Ratanveer Nature Care Center is growing leaps & bounds in offering alternate health & wellness treatments. People from different parts of our country are patronizing this.



We have added many advanced machines in our ophthalmic department which will make it possible to conduct retina surgeries & cornea grafting procedures. Also, we have started a new department of cosmetology with plastic surgery in our hospital. This was possible due to generous donations from our donors. We are planning to start trauma center as early as possible and will be functional soon with in house general surgeon (MS) & a diabetologist (MD) in place. My special thanks to donors, doctors, volunteers & all well wishers of our trust for their uninterrupted services in organizing camps and running this Institute successfully. We shall strive to reach out to all section of society at rural level in providing the best health care.

Thank you & Jai Hind!
Vijay Chedda
Chairman Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust,