Jaya Rehabilitation Institute & Research Centre

About Jaya Rehab

Jaya Rehabilitation Institute & Research center is a 50-bed Rehab Center, easily accessible and barrier free. It is well equipped with advanced equipments & facilities under one roof with well qualified and experienced staff. The Center involves in early intervention, prevention, and management of all disabilities.

Jaya Rehab Main Building




Exercise therapy

Gait & Ambulatory

Functional Training

Neuro-Developmental Therapy

Cognitive & Play Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Prosthetic / Orthotic

Speech & Hearing Impaired

Vocational Guidance


A hospital driven by the need to rescue.

In an area devoid of any rehabilitation facilities and stricken by a natural disaster, a rehabilitation hospital was formed in 2004. This facility has now grown to be a 50-bed inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation hospital which treats almost 40,000 patients annually.

Equipped with multiple departments.

A multi-specialty center equipped with facilities that provide – Physiotherapy, Electrotherapy, Exercise therapy, Gait & ambulatory, Functional training, Neuro-developmental therapy, Cognitive & play therapy, Sensory integration therapy, Occupational therapy, Prosthetic/orthotic, Speech & hearing impaired, Vocational guidance.

A place where lives of people are transformed.

From knee amputees who have lost both legs in an accident, to people who became paraplegic due to some disease, to people suffering from birth deformities, the center has strived to change the lives of people facing different difficulties in life, giving them a new ray of hope.

A center dedicated to giving the needed medical attention.

Irrespective of the medical condition or situation each patient may be facing, our center is equipped with the best-trained staff, modern facilities, panel of skilled doctors, specialists, and consultants capable of providing the required treatment.

Contact Information

Village: Bidada, Taluka: Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat, India, 370435

+91 2834 – 244232 | 72029 60000